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The Bumbo is Back!!
about 1 month ago

We are finally back!

The Bumbo is finally back and open to be explored! We welcome you back into our winter style update. From this day on you'll see many new features and updates in our servers. Right now open for public is our SMP sub-server and more, this month! 

Features added in Server:

  • New spawn (HUB, SMP)
  • New currency "Ice Cubes" (Can be used in the next update - /icecubes)...
A sneak peek on new SkyBlock update:)
8 months ago

[SMP] Grand Opening
9 months ago

[Factions] Fridays little update!
10 months ago

We have added small but great things!

- New custom/random structures in the world for you to explore!

(Works with chunks that haven`t been stepped in)

- New leaderboards to compete with other players! Can be found at /warp info

(Top Richest players, Top killers, Most played time on the server)

- Changed the drop rate for our custom mobs!

- Slight changes in mob dropped items!

(Some are buffed up and some are nerfed down)

- Added Youtuber and Twitch rank!

(Available for Youtubers with minimum of 4000 subscribers and Twitch streamers with 4000 followers)


#2 PVP Double Elimination Tournament [2021] [ENDED]
10 months ago

Heyo! I wanted to let you guys know we are having our second PVP Tournament!

Reply to this post, that you are interested and you will be added to the tournament!

Tournament will be happening this Friday.

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